Welcome to the Virtual Natraj Temple !

The Natraj Temple is a nightclub in Munich, Germany - famous for it's special parties featuring
psychedelic trance music at it's best, blacklight art deco that will take your breath away as does the
power of the sound system ! What makes it unique is the everchanging architecture and deco of the interior.
If you go there a second time (and you will want to!), it won't look the same anymore !
The nice people and the always special mood will make your night at the Natraj Temple
a whole new and exciting experience. So if you ever come to munich, give it a try !

Until then you can view a virtual reality representation of the club to get a feeling of what is waiting for you...
It features architecture, deco, lighting, music, special effects and some secrets too !
Have fun playin' around ! You can click on things if the cursor changes it's appearance (cross or hand symbol)

visit the Virtual Natraj Temple

visit the Multi-User Natraj Temple

(Blaxxun Contact required for multi-user)

You'll need a VRML-plugin to view this. Get one called Blaxxun Contact for free at http://www.blaxxun.com
Alternativly you could use Cortona from http://www.parallelgraphics.com or Cosmoplayer.
If you want to listen to the music you'll need the Realplayer plugin and a soundcard plus speakers of course !

Credits go to all that contributed to this project, be it models (extra credit in respective VRML files) or simply inspiration !